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5 typical Cambodian culinary delights that are suitable for the Indonesian palate

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5 typical Cambodian culinary delights that are suitable for the Indonesian palate

Cambodia as the host of the 2023 SEA Games offers culinary experiences that are no less interesting for tourists from Indonesia. This country, which is located in Southeast Asia, has many typical dishes that can pamper the taste buds of culinary lovers.

From rice-based dishes to delicious seafood, Cambodia has many options to try. Here are seven typical Cambodian culinary delights that are suitable for the Indonesian palate according to orbakers.

1. Green mango salad

Green mango salad is a salad dish that is quite popular in Cambodia. As the name suggests, this salad is made from sliced young mangoes mixed with fresh ingredients such as shallots, chilies and coriander. Apart from that, this salad is also sprinkled with peanuts and coriander leaves.

The taste of this salad is very fresh, sour and slightly spicy due to the use of vinegar, sugar and lemon juice as the basic ingredients. Green mango salad is usually served as an appetizer or as a snack in Cambodia. Its unique and fresh taste will definitely be suitable for the Indonesian tongue who likes food with a sour and spicy taste.

2. Lok Lak

Lok lak is one of the world’s most famous Cambodian dishes. This dish consists of sliced beef cooked in a typical Cambodian sauce made from sweet soy sauce, garlic, salt, pepper and lemon juice. The beef used is usually sirloin or tenderloin which is cut into thin slices.

Apart from that, this dish is also served with fried eggs, fresh vegetables and white rice. Lok lak has a distinctive and unique taste due to the use of Cambodian sauce which gives a sour and sweet touch to the dish.

3. Amok

Amok is a typical Cambodian dish made from boiled fish or chicken with spices and coconut milk, then wrapped in banana leaves and steamed. The savory taste of coconut milk combined with spices such as galangal, lemongrass, turmeric and shallots makes this dish have a unique and rich taste.

Usually amok is served with white rice and vegetables, such as long beans or kale. The appearance of this dish is very attractive, seen from the banana leaf wrapping which resembles a mini bowl, and is decorated with chili and spring onion decorations on top.

4. Kuy teav

Among this culinary list, kuy teav is one of the most popular foods in Cambodia. This food consists of white rice noodles served with slices of beef, pork or chicken, and a rich broth.

Kuy teav is usually served with sliced spring onions, celery and fried garlic sprinkled on top. Some sellers also add shallots, minced pork and chili sauce to give it a richer taste.

5. Num banh chok

Num bahn chok is a typical Cambodian food made from fine rice noodles served with coconut milk and other ingredients. This food is generally served as breakfast or lunch in Cambodia.

The coconut milk sauce used in num bahn chok is usually made from ingredients such as fish paste, lemongrass, ginger and garlic. Then, the cooked rice noodles are mixed with coconut milk sauce and served with various types of vegetables such as basil leaves, lettuce, bean sprouts and cabbage.

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