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The Best Music Festivals in Asia: Top Music Festivals You NEED to Go To!

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The Best Music Festivals in Asia: Top Music Festivals You NEED to Go To!

Are you looking for the best music festivals in Asia? You’ll be surprised by the numerous music festivals and events countries dedicate to the love and passion for music! Whether you’re looking for specific genres, themes, or just want to have fun while learning the culture, Asia has got you covered.

But yes, it can get overwhelming deciding which country to go to and what festivals to attend! That’s why I narrowed down the choices to the top ten music festivals in Asia you should attend soon according to apopka rotary fair.

1. Djakarta Warehouse Project in Indonesia

The Djakarta Warehouse Project is probably one of the highly-awaited music festivals in Indonesia! It began back in 2008, just as a club event from the Blowfish Club.

It grew in 2010 when it became a full-blown festival, and has been held every year in December. Now, it’s a two-day festival and focuses on the values of Indonesia, one of which is DIVERSITY!

2. Dragonland Music Festival in Hong Kong

The Dragonland Music Festival is Hong Kong’s first-ever outdoor concert that combines two genres: EDM and Pop! This magical 3-day music festival brings the best of pop and electronic dance music culture in Hong Kong, creating a unique image and setting them apart from other music festivals worldwide.

“You won’t find ANY EDM festival like this with unique music and culture intertwined for a spectacular experience.”

The music festival is held every February in the Central Harbour Front, accessible via bus or train. There are also many hotels and hotels nearby, which are comfortable accommodation options to stay in after the event!

3. Neverland Manila Festival in the Philippines

Neverland Manila is the ultimate music festival for EDM fans based in the Philippines. This is a 3-day rave that brings in the best and biggest names of EDM and house music, ranging from local acts to international names.

Expect a whole party filled with lots of dancing, screaming, and fun activities and food to munch on! For those who love raves and want to dance to bright lights and good music, this one’s for you.

Usually, Neverland Manila occurs in Taguig or Filinvest, Philippines. Both these areas are near many hotels and AirBnBs for accommodation, and is accessible via train and bus, though it’s best to take a taxicab.

4. VH1 Supersonic in India

The VH1 Supersonic is the biggest EDM festival in India, which started merely as an idea on someone’s notebook! The music festival brings the best international EDM artists to India and has now become the ultimate multi-genre experiential festival of the country.

“What started out as a simple idea became India’s biggest EDM festivals everyone travels for!”

You get the ultimate music experience which breaks the barriers of music festivals across India, as you get energetic artists to the pioneers of hip-hop, and even get to dance to the best indie artists! From the music to the vibe, this 2-day festival will get you dancing on your feet for hours on end.

5. World Club Dome in South Korea

This is one of the ultimate music festivals in Korea, this time featuring the winter edition, which takes place for three days. This time, it’s a club instead of the typical outdoor festival, the largest area that can hold guests from more than 50 countries!

With over a hundred acts and different stages, you won’t feel the cold at all! Instead, you’re pacing on the heat as you jump and dance to the best international EDM acts.

It’s happening later in the year and in the heart of Incheon, which is near many forms of accommodation and accessible via public transportation!

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