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Top 5 Digital Transformation Technologies

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It is evident from the studies that show that digital transformation costs around 1.78 trillion dollars worldwide, but 70% of the attempts fail because of flawed strategies and technologies. This also indicates that businesses assume that all technologies apply to all kinds of businesses which isn’t the case. Technology adoption essentially https://www.newsfor.id/ depends on a business’s needs, customer base, and industry trends.

To address this, we have compiled a list of successful digital transformation technologies that are ideal for membership-based organizations in this article. We have also highlighted two successful digitalization stories that used the appropriate technology according to their business needs.

Top 5 Digital Transformation Technologies for Member-Based Organizations

Digital transformation (DX) is the process of integrating technology into every aspect of an organization. It’s about leveraging technology to improve operations, leading to faster processes, reduced waste and cost, improved decision-making, and better member or customer experiences.

Let’s take a look at the ten best technologies that can help member-based organizations accelerate digital transformation.

1. Mobile Technology

Mobile Technology is a fundamental element to drive digital transformation.

According to the latest survey, 71% of CEOs believe that mobile solutions are more important than IoT and cloud computing for transformation, while 29% rank it as the second most important technology. This demonstrates that almost all business leaders understand the importance of mobile technology in digitalization.

Mobile devices increase the speed and frequency of interactions between companies and their customers. These interactions allow access to real-time data that is nearly impossible to replicate through any other means. They also allow marketers to collect valuable data to grow their existing customer base or develop new markets. Businesses are leveraging tools such as QR Code generators to create QR Codes that can provide a truly mobile-first experience.

2. Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) consists of a large network of connected systems that can collect and share information without manual input. The technology links the sensors of the devices with a centralized IoT platform that extracts and stores data from them. These are then analyzed to share valuable information with the leaders.

IoT can also identify which data is useful and which can be safely discarded. It can be used to identify patterns, suggest solutions, and forecast possible issues.

3. Robotics

According to the latest statistics, every one in four organizations uses robotics to incorporate digitization into their tasks. In contrast to traditional robotics, it is capable of interacting with humans and improving their performance based on the information it receives.

Smart robotics when combined with AI and IoT can drive powerful results in companies. They can enhance user experience, boost efficiency, and improve productivity tenfold. A great example of smart robotics in member-based organizations is the use of gamification technology at virtual events to improve attendees’ experiences.

4. Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning go hand in hand when it comes to finding the best digital technologies in business.

Artificial intelligence refers to the ability of computers to simulate what people think and do in the real world. It is incorporated in almost all high-end technologies we used today including smart devices, computer vision, natural language processors, and voice assistants. It allows companies including membership organizations to automate tasks, make faster decisions, and engage customers through chatbots. This is why AI marketing is on the rise, as it allows companies to craft more targeted campaigns and understand customers’ needs better.

5. Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is one of the buzzing new digital technologies used by several industries. Simply explained, augmented reality (AR) is a virtual augmentation of the physical world by adding digital elements, sounds, and other sensory stimuli.

AR uses mobile technology coupled with real-time data to generate visual graphics. This blended view offers a virtual glimpse of the systems that help operators and customers in different capacities. The best way to understand it is in product development. AR allows entrepreneurs to evaluate 3D virtual models of new products, which can be easily modified without having to develop a prototype.

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