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Top 5 Steam Games Ranked by Concurrents

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We have taken your feedback in redefining this list and have corrected and updated the headline so it’s not misleading to be “the most played” games. This list is based on total Steam concurrents at this moment in time.

Whether it’s the emergence of the battle royale genre or breakout multiplayer survival games, PC gaming often serves as the frontier for the latest trends and innovations in the gaming landscape, often leading to massive concentrations of players.

But of all the PC games ever to appear https://ipnuippnupati.id/ on the Steam charts, few have enjoyed the exceptional popularity of those atop Steam’s most played charts. Based on the maximum number of concurrent players ever held by any game on Valve’s platform, we’ve gathered the 15 top Steam games based on the most concurrents.

1. Capcom Arcade Stadium

Concurrent Player Record: 472,791

Hilariously, Capcom Arcade Stadium shot to the top of the Steam charts and was the third most played game at one point (above even Apex Legends and PUBG) long after its initial release. Why? The answer, according to Pavel Djundik who is an expert on Steam’s metrics, is that bots flooded to the game and idled within it in order to farm Steam Trading Cards.

Steam Trading Cards are digital collectibles on Valve’s platform that can be traded for monetary value, and making a bot pretend to play a game is apparently one way that one might acquire cards to be sold. The fact that Capcom Arcade Stadium can be downloaded for free makes it a prime target for those kinds of shenanigans.

Maybe we shouldn’t count this one, since it was erroneously boosted by the presence of fake players, but the story’s kinda too good to skip over. We’re counting it – you’re welcome, Capcom.

2. Terraria

Concurrent Player Record: 489,886

As one of the best-selling games of all time (nearly 45 million copies sold by some counts), it’s unsurprising to see Terraria make the list of most played Steam games. The pixelated survival and building RPG, which is sometimes compared to the likes of Minecraft, is wonderfully hard to put down and perfect to play with friends, plus is affordable enough to give a pretty low barrier of entry for those who are curious to give it a try. With nearly 500,000 concurrent players at its peak, it’s clear that many of those buyers were hooked.

3. Call of Duty: Warzone

Concurrent Player Record: 491,670

Call of Duty games have always been more popular on consoles than Steam (who seem to favor the likes of Counter-Strike), but with the advent of the battle royale genre, which has enjoyed enormous popularity on the PC platform, Warzone easily makes the cut. As last-man-standing games entered a new level of maturity and saw AAA iterations enter the fray, Warzone has become a staple at the top of Steam’s player charts, alongside the likes of other battle royale peers like Apex Legends.

Interestingly, Warzone is the only Call of Duty game to appear on this list, despite the series enjoying massive success and popularity with each annual release.

4. Valheim

Concurrent Player Record: 502,387

Survival games have a habit of doing exceedingly well on Steam, and one of the more recent examples to soar on the Steam charts is Valheim: the challenging, Norse-inspired game from Iron Gate. With overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam and a ton of hype in the weeks and months after its initial launch, it was a common occurrence to see nearly all of one’s Steam friends logged on during the height of its popularity.

5. Apex Legends

Concurrent Player Record: 624,473

Apex Legends remains one of the most popular battle royale games to this day, so it’s no wonder it can be found in the top ten most played Steam games of all time. Obviously it’s an incredibly polished shooter from the studio that created the likes of Titanfall 2, but it’s also important to remember that it is and always has been a free-to-play game as well, which makes it incredibly accessible for anyone looking to hop in. Even now, Apex Legends retains hundreds of thousands of daily players, so it’s likely to remain within the top ten for some time.

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