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Top Tips: How to achieve a positive impact

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How to achieve a positive impact is a question that echoes across governments around the world. But answering it – and navigating that often challenging process from idea to impact – is not straightforward. From country leaders to local government officials, all public servants have an important role to play.

To help fuel their journey, we present 5 Top Tips from leaders we have previously spoken to from around the world.

1. Beware the spin cycle

It’s not just the speed of the media cycle but also https://bogorupdate.id/ the way it has affected the way the media engages in political debate – the premium is now the number of people reading the content, so they want it to be as schlock-horror as possible to get as many readers as possible. I think this has changed the rhythm of government. Even when I was prime minister and things continued to get faster, you’d put out a major policy statement at 10am and, by midday, journalists were ringing my press secretary to see if they had another story from us. This rhythm is not the rhythm of good government.”

2. Keep calm and carry on

“Virtually every week of my government life yielded a panic or crisis of some sort, and the pressure was often intense. I soon learned that the greater the crisis, the more important it is to project calm and confidence, even if you don’t feel it. And always blame yourself in public for mistakes, never blame subordinates.”

3. Manage against performance – not politics

“Government is now in the deliverology business. How long is the waiting time at a hospital? How long before emergency services show up at someone’s house or at a fire? All these things are quantifiable and you manage against them. Unfortunately most people in government grew up thinking they should manage against politics, and not against performance.”

4. Stay on track

“When you first introduce a policy, everyone is working towards a common goal. But when problems appear, the common tendency is to try and change the target. But once you have committed to a target then you have to stay true to it – regardless of the desire to opt for something easier to achieve. A delivery unit also has to play a dual role – helping ministries and agencies as well as calling them to account when problems emerge.”

5. Challenge convention

“Wherever I have been – whether as a medical doctor or as an academic or researcher or executive – my purpose is not occupying the position but instead how I can make a real impact. This requires a willingness to take a risk of challenging convention. You are not always going to succeed, but the fact is I would rather fail trying than fail to try.”

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